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Antoinette’s first blog

Writing that, I felt immediate echoes of Captain’s Log, Starship Enterprise. And perhaps it’s not surprising since it’s not merely a rhyme, but the beginning of a journey. And at the same time the end of one.

I’ve been working with the characters of Stephanie, Henry and Popi for a great many years … I think it must be over a quarter of a century and Stephanie, as my alter ego, has popped up in various stories and plays during that time. The diary extracts you will find towards the end of A Public Murder are in fact verbatim records of my own experience. But Stephanie in this novel is most definitely not me.

I just adore crime fiction and have been reading it all my life and I hope that you, reading this are also fans and like my new detectives Pam Gregory and Mike Petersen. There will be a lot more of Mike in future books.

In this blog I am very happy to write about the craft of writing crime fiction and how I created a Public Murder and also how I enjoy weaving  together fact and fiction. But I don’t want this to be just be writing in an echo box. I want it to be a conversation.

So do let me know what you think of A Public Murder and its characters. I am always happy to answer questions. And if you’d like some short stories while you wait for your next Gregory Petersen adventure, then let me know which characters interest you and what you’d like to discover about them.

And if you send me fan fiction I will happily read it and put some of it up here along with my own stories.


Thursday 3rd December

A Public Murder is launched.

Enjoy it!