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Hello, and welcome to the Black Crane Press site, which is the site for the books I’m now publishing myself. They’re not the first books I’ve written and I’ve put two of my favourites on this site: Jojo’s Story and Frozen Pizza.

When I was in my late forties, I decided to make a huge leap and give up my day job, which had been running arts festivals and editing and writing all kinds of magazines, and try and become a writer. So I wrote lots of short books for language learners which I enjoyed and they were very successful. I then turned my love of theatre into trying to write plays. And so I wrote a few, and they won a couple of awards, and enabled me to do the Scriptwriting MA at the University of East Anglia. This led to my doing a PhD (and writing two more plays), and becoming a lecturer at UEA for ten years (and more plays and running another arts festival).

Now, in my seventies, I’m drawing on my years living in Greece, and my love of crime fiction to create a series of crime novels featuring Pam Gregory, a character I’m getting very fond of.

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And there's more!

I do hope you enjoy the characters in the Pam Gregory books as much as I do. And if you want more of them while you’re waiting for the next in the series, here are some free stories about them and about Crete.

Do let know which characters you enjoy most and I’ll dig through their diaries and letters and notebooks and see what I can discover.

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